Sundarban courier service uttara branch list , address and number

If you are looking for Sundarban courier service uttara branch list, then we have just the list of branches that can help you out. Sundarban courier service is one of the best and most reliable services in Uttara. Find their address and phone number on this blog post to know more about them.

Sundarban courier service uttara branch list
Sundarban courier service uttara branch list

Sundarban courier service uttara branch list :

Main BranchSub-Branch Name AddressContact NumberTypeStatus
Uttara Uttara Sector-9House #01, Road #02, Sector #9 , Uttara, Dhaka, 123001936-003154 (Percel complain) 01952-255607 (Courier Complain) 01936-003368 (Courier Delivery) 01963603001 9 (Mobile and Ecommerce ) BranchActive
Uttara Uttara Sector-6 House #08, Alaul avenue, Sector #6 , Uttara, Dhaka, 1230 01971520077 , 01936003244 Branch Active
Uttara Uttara Sector-3House #56, Road #02, AH Tower, Sector #03 , Uttara, Dhaka, 1230 01963827866 Branch Active
Uttara Uttara Sector-12 House #01, Road #17/B, Sector #12 , Khalpar, Uttara, Dhaka, 1230 01936006587 Branch Active
Uttara Uttara Sector-15 Diya Bari Road, Chondalvog, Notunbazar, Sector #15, Uttara, Dhaka, 1230 01963603053 Branch Active

Here we tried to share Sundarban courier service uttara branch list & Helpline Numbers . If any Information, branch, office address, mobile number has not been added or mistakes have been observed, please share the right information through the comment. Your one help can help thousands of people……….

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