Franklin Square Hospital Address and Phone Number

Franklin Square Hospital Address
Franklin Square Hospital Address

Franklin Square Hospital Address, location and Phone Numbers of various departments are as follows :

Franklin Square Hospital Address : MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
9000 Franklin Square Drive
Baltimore, MD 21237
Phone: 443-777-7000

franklin square hospital phone number :

Here is the phone number list of franklin square hospital’s various respective department . you can contact specific department of franklin square hospital using these numbers.

DepartmentPhone number
Franklin square hospital billing phone number410-933-2424
Human Resources443-777-7230
Physician Referral 443-777-7900
Medical Records 443-777-7266
Patient Information443-777-7344
Customer Complaints/Concerns 443-777-6555
Admitting/Hospital 443-777-7536
Admitting/Tower 443-777-2546
Auxiliary 443-777-7240
Blood Donation – American Red Cross800-733-2767
Case Management443-777-7547
Customer Complaints/Concerns443-777-6555
Emergency Department 443-777-7068
Financial Services (Patient) 410-933-2424
Family Health Center 443-777-2000
Foundation Office 443-777-7980
General Information 443-777-7000
Gift Shop 443-777-5500
Graduate Medical Education 443-777-7298
Human Resources 443-777-7230
Job Hotline 1-866-562-7374
Main Hospital Number 443-777-7000
Marketing/Communications 443-777-7482
Medical Records 443-777-7268
Medical Staff Office 443-777-7410
Menu Hotline443-777-5588
Nursing Administration 443-777-7008
Volunteer Services 443-777-7240
TTY 443-777-7950
Security 443-777-7242
Primary Care Center 443-777-8300
Pharmacy – Outpatient 443-777-7400
Pharmacy – Inpatient 443-777-7374
Pastoral Care 443-777-7246
Nutrition Education443-777-6528
franklin square hospital phone number

Franklin Square Hospital Entrances :

There are many Entrances in Franklin Square Hospital . Here we will guide you which entrance take you to which department.

Entrance – 1

Use Franklin Square Hospital Entrance #1 if you want to go : Endoscopy Center, The Center for Digestive Diseases, MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute Liver Evaluation clinic, Outpatient Surgery, Women’s Pavilion / Labor & Delivery.

Entrance – 2

Use Entrance #2 if you are going to: Main Entrance, Conference Center, Valet Parking.

Entrance – 3

You can Use Entrance 3 if you are going to : Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building and Medical Arts Building (rear side) .

Entrance -4

Use Entrance number 4 if you you want to go following departments of Franklin Square Hospital :

  • White Square Building
  • Advanced Radiology
  • MRI-CT
  • Radiation Oncology

Entrance – 5

Use Entrance number 5 if you want to go : Surgical Pavilion (effective August 24, 2020)

Entrance – 6

Use Entrance #6 if you want to go Franklin Square Hospital Emergency Department. Franklin Square Hospital Emergency Department phone number is 443-777-7068

Entrance – 7

if you are going to Medical Arts Building and Cancer Institute of Franklin Square Hospital you can Use Entrance #7.

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